Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Observation

The Observation!
Before we get into the details here, let me detail the observations which drove the discussion:
In my connectability withdrawal, I began hunting around town for an open WIFI.  Most are secure and many places (surprise, surprise) have no signal at all.  Never the less, through diligence, I discovered a rather good one that had a public parking spot (over all, I am rather timid about sitting outside people’s houses in my car on my computer).  The parking spot is in front of Fire Station, across from the Police Station.  
Because it is somewhat unnerving to sit in front of the Police Station and have the three town officers stare at me, clearly trying to come up with a reason to come over and talk to me, I tend to queue up my email and list what I need to gather, and then download and go home.  The practice I have developed is to review all new emails and respond quickly to critical ones if I feel it necessary – otherwise it takes me 5-10 minutes and I am done and away.  
So, here is a typical day:
7:30am – synchronize email and collect research stuff from the Web.
7:45am – sit at my desk and plan out my day
8:00am – collect my coffee and start my day
1:00pm – go resynch my email
1:15pm – address new issues
2:30pm – unless there are afternoon meetings, done for day
Since I don’t seem to be falling behind in my work (I am actually getting ahead – the afternoons leave me time to catch up on my reading and professional correspondences), the question really becomes What is going on here?  Now, I am secure enough in my role and my job to actually say this out loud (and on the Web none the less!), so in discussing this with MG1, we defined personal scrum.


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